Our Compasses are Efficiency Tools

Why they are called ”Compass”

A person’s personality cannot be put in a drawer. Nor is a handful of types enough to describe character and potential for someone’s personal development. Each personality is a largely unknown landscape, in which our compasses provide orientation for you as a coach or personnel manager in a simple and reliable way.

What compasses are - lightning-fast orientation

We provide the Compass tools in the form of web-based diagnostic and evaluation tools, which support you decisively in the analysis of individual and basic personality shares and potentials.

Why compasses can do what they can

Our analysis tools are scientifically sound and developed for practice by practitioners in your industry. The psychological foundations are based on the personality models of C. G. Jung and Riemann-Thomann. This makes your coaching, consulting and training processes more efficient and sustainable. Above all, however, you get a very direct access to your coachees and achieve their highest acceptance, because they have given you all the answers and information themselves.

Focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses, the absence of negative evaluation and the uncomplicated application reduce any reservations of your customers and establish a deep trust in you and your work.

What you get from the compasses

With our tools, you can achieve more analysis efficiency in just two steps.

  1. License
    As a coach, consultant, coach, you have to license the compasses for a fee.
  2. Certification
    Of course, we will introduce you in detail to the effective use of our compasses for your consultations and trainings.

The compasses are easy to understand and easy to use. You get into your coaching processes more easily and routinely, but keep control of your topics and your approach at all times. The compasses also give you better comparable results.

The important topics and problem areas are identified faster and are easier to understand and accept for your customer.

You develop your consulting solutions more easily and purposefully. Compasses open up further sources of income for you. (AdV: to be developed)

You can differentiate yourself from your market companions with their help. And initiated and completed developments can be checked at any time by a new compass.

What your customers get out of the compasses

Unlike many other potential analysis methods, our compasses are not focused on deficits and weaknesses, but on strengths - potentials. This resource-restorative approach also improves the rapport between adviser and client and thus adds to the benefit your client gets from working with you.