Potential Analyses Tools

For Coaches and HR Managers:

Identify potential at a glance.
Advise efficiently and convincingly.

Potential Analysis Tools for Your Coaching Kickoff

The Professional Compass

Professional Compass Results Sample

Identify basic qualities
directly and appreciatively

As a coach or HR manager, a potential analysis of your counterpart is an effective first step in a personal consultation, a coaching or in recruitment interviews.

For your coachees, the results of the Professional Compass promote a more positive, resource-oriented self-perception. They help them to better understand their own behavior - and to control it more consciously to their advantage.

Getting to know Professional Compass

The Team Compass

Team Compass Results Sample

Use team analyses easily,
accepted and strengthening

The Team Compass provides you with a direct overview of individual personalities and potentials — and how they affect team collaboration.

For your customers, you can make team members more aware of their roles, strengths, and talents through potential analyses. This increases performance and readiness. Communication culture and job satisfaction are also improved.

Getting to know Team Compass