Team Compass

A tool for quick analysis of team structures

Personnel managers, trainers or coaches face new challenges in the face of rapid changes in the world of work. Increasing complexity and ever shorter innovation cycles ensure less hierarchy and more self-responsible, self-organizing, self-learning teams.

All the more important that these teams work smoothly and successfully — a task that you can solve with the Team Compass in a highly professional and efficient manner.

Team Compass Sample result
Example for the graphical evaluation of a team with the Team Compass

The potential analysis the individual players of each team can only be the first step of each team formation and development. Only the comparison and the coordination of the people present in the team and their talents among themselves makes a change to the positive possible.

What if you could bring forth this analysis of each team member and their interaction easier, faster, more acceptable, more empowering, and more confident?

No problem with the Team Compass: It gives you a quick overview of the individual personalities and potentials - and how these affect the cooperation in the team.

Expand your qualification with a standardized approach for greater efficiency — and recognize at a glance who is sitting in front of you and how they can optimally use their potentials to benefit the team. Identify dynamics and conflicting energies even faster and develop the right strategies in the fastest way.

Using Team Compass to answer important questions in the team faster

  • How large should a team be to function well in view of the task set?
  • How is the team optimally staffed in terms of professional qualifications, experience, interests and personalities?
  • How diverse or homogeneous should the team be?
  • What is the ideal leadership of the team?

Questions that personnel managers, decision-makers and organizational developers, as well as team members, ask themselves. The Coaching Tool Team Compass helps you to answer these questions as efficiently as professionally.

How our Team Compass can do this

The Team Compass serves as a scientifically sound tool in diagnosis and intervention. It supports a systemic and process-oriented way of working. It shows your client their individual and basic personality traits and potentials in an appreciative way and informs them how they affect the cooperation in the team.

After conducting the Potential Analyses of the team members as with the Professional Compass, the Team Compass extends the evaluation by an additional perspective of interactions and group dynamics.

You get in the differentiated evaluation:

  • graphical and numerical representations of each team member's personality
  • multi-page, individual evaluation as in the Professional Compass for each team member in text form
  • a merge of the individual results to the Team Compass with further graphical views

In this way, you can make developments, potentials, but also fields of tension in the team already accomplished instantly visible. As with the other compasses, the simple presentation of results and the interpretation aids ensure quick acceptance of the results. Optimization options, current problems and disruptions in the team can be discussed immediately and necessary or desired changes can be initiated directly.

You can use the Team Compass both at the beginning of a development process and to control progress.

The strengths of Team Compass:

  • Contextually describes the basic personality signs (strengths and talents) of single team members as well as their development
  • Provides an overall overview of the team
  • Situationally captures developed characteristics of the personalities of the team
  • Makes visible already completed developments
  • Shows further development prospects
  • Resource-oriented and strengthening instrument by value-free presentation of individual developments
  • Sharpens the self-perception of the participants
  • Enables a comparison of self-image and external image and promotes self-reflection
  • Uncovers interactions and dynamics and allows them to be more consciously controlled
  • Makes conflict potentials visible and easier addressable
  • Helps to make appreciative use of otherness to enhance synergies

Comfortable group management for the Team Compass

Team Compass Group Management 1
Clear organization of the Team Compasses
Team Compass Group Management 2
Team Compass Participants can be freely activated and deactivated to map changes in the team.

Where to use the Team Compass

  • Initiate and accompany necessary and desired developments
  • To optimally assemble teams
  • Promoting team cohesion
  • Make continuous development steps transparent and identify team potentials
  • Continuous monitoring of the team development process — Prevention and resolution of conflicts
  • Ideal for teams of at least two up to 10, 12, 15 people

What your customers get out of the Team Compass

  • The individual team members and the collective become aware of their roles, strengths and talents
  • Increased efficiency and readiness
  • Team culture and job satisfaction are strengthened
  • The development of the team is systematic and systemic
  • New team members are integrated faster
  • Conflicts and conflict options become visible earlier and can be processed and resolved faster

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